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 🎉 🏆 ⭐️ ☺️ CONGRATULATIONS! 🙌🏽 😋 🥗 💧


You’ve made the choice to take control of your weight and live a healthy lifestyle!

We are excited for you to get started!

We love our Healthy Weight program, HOWEVER there are a few items that make life even better! 


Tips & Tricks from your ThrIVe Wheeling team WITH LINKS BELOW:

1. Organize your fuelings.

The boxes can be bulky and require a lot of space.I like to organize my fuelings on my pantry door. I simply remove all of my fueling pouches and put them into a shoe organizer.  It’s WAY better than digging through boxes. If you don’t have a pantry door, or a door where you can hang your fuelings, be sure to check out the rotating/lazy susan-type organzier that I’ve also linked below!

2. Almost EVERY fueling tastes better WAFFLED!

Trust me on this – the DASH waffle iron is the #1 favorite way to “hack” your fuelings, WITHOUT adding calories! Fast, easy, and tasty. I use it more than my microwave!


I don’t know about you, but I always forget to drink or forget to count what I’ve had to drink. This bottle makes it EASY. I fill it up to start my day and finish it by day’s end!

4. Weigh & Measure your food!

You’ll need to weigh & measure everything from coffee creamer to meat/protein to salad dressings. Don’t know how? That’s ok!  We will help you!  I’ve included our favorite food scale and some measuring spoons & cups in the links below!

5. You’ll need a good digital scale to track your weight.

I love this Tineta scale. It’s a little pricier, but it tells you how hydrated you are, which is super helpful at staying on track with drinking that water!

6. If you are a coffee drinker and usually like it with flavored creamer, you’ll want to buy a frother!

I’ve included the link below to my favorite frother, so you can blend a fueling shake into your coffee!  You can experiment, but my favorite to blend in is Caramel Macchiato! YUM!

7. Buying a frother or a scale? You’ll need batteries!

Bet you almost forgot!  I did too! They are also linked below!


THAT should do it!  You’ll be all set!  Get ready to GET HEALTHY and FEEL GREAT!

We can’t wait to take this journey with you!

If you ever need to reach me, feel free to text me at 740-359-4684.

If you prefer to speak via phone call, text me first, so I know you aren’t a spammer! LOL! ZOOM is always an option too!



Jessica & the ThrIVe Wheeling team!


P.S. I LOVE the educational material that we receive as part of our journey. It’s ALWAYS front & center in my journey.

IF you are also looking for additional help in the “Life Change” department, I found the book Claim Your Power: A 40-Day Journey to Dissolve the Hidden Trauma That’s Kept You Stuck and Finally Thrive in Your Life’s Unique Purpose to be very helpful. It helped me dig even deeper, and face some demons that were part of my own emotional journey. You can expect it to have some spiritual components and will challenge you in all the right ways, but it’s not too much and is not exclusive to one religion. I’ve included audio, hardback, and kindle links below!


Program Coordinator:

Jessica Barclay

Certified Health Coach, OPTAvia

FUELING #1: Every day, I start my morning with a shake.
FUELING #6 – ALREADY PLANNED: I know that I will have a warm, waffled cookie or brownie (with a dollop of Cool Whip light) as my bed time snack.
That accounts for TWO fuelings. Then I plan my other THREE fuelings and my LEAN + GREEN for the day. Will I be eating out with friends for lunch or dinner? Or will I eat at home?  Then I pack whatever fuelings I’ll need for the day!


Here’s a pic of my fuelings in my pantry!


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Our Favorite
Hanging Organizer

Our Favorite
Water Bottle

Our Favorite
Coffee Frother

Our Favorite Measuring
Cups & Spoons Set

Tape Measure
for Body Measurements

Our Favorite
Tabletop Organizer

Our Favorite
Food Scale

Our Favorite Body
Weight & Hydration Scale

“Claim Your Power”
Audio Book

Our Favorite
Waffle Griddle

Batteries for
FOOD Scale

Batteries for
Frother & BODY Scale

“Claim Your Power”
Hardcover Book

Other FUN Amazon items that our Healthy Weight clients might like – as recommended by our Healthy Weight community:



Zoodle maker

Mini Crock Pot

Magic Bullet mini-blender (works great to add spinach to a shake. NO taste, but gets a green in!)


Lodge Miniature 3.5′ Cast Iron Skillet (for oven baking fuelings)

Mini Food Processor (great for making cauliflower or turkey pizza crust)

Mini Crock Lunch Crock Food Warmer (great for making noodle/soup fuelings at work)

10 oz. Thermos (great for making hot fuelings at work)

Mini Measuring Beakers – freestanding (great for small measurements)

Mini containers to take your own Salad Dressing on the go




Silicone donut pan mold

Silicone Muffin top pan (easy way to make several cookies)

Silicone Popsicle molds (make frozen pudding pops, shake pops, etc)

Silicone Candy Molds (freeze fuelings into candies)

Disposable Freeze Pop tubes (like a zipper bag – for making shake pops, pudding pops, etc.)

Silicone 1″ Spatulas





A different kind of BIG POCKET wall organizer – FOUR pockets

A different kind of BIG POCKET wall organizer – SIX pockets

Acrylic Packet Organizer for pantry or shelf





Baby spoons for eating smaller bites of fuelings.

Chopsticks are also an option for smaller bites.

Britta Water Container with Filter for Refrigerator

Iron Flask”Non-Sweating” 64 oz. Water Bottle




FOOD ITEMS – NOT a fueling substitute, but can help you be creative with Lean and Greens:

SMOOTH MOVE Tea – Peppermint – 2 boxes (great at bedtime, if struggling with constipation)

SMOOTH MOVE Tea – Original – 1 box (great at bedtime, if struggling with constipation)

SMOOTH MOVE Tea – Chamomile – 1 box (great at bedtime, if struggling with constipation)

Cauliflower Sandwich Thins

Quest Protein Chips – Sour Cream & Onion flavor (each bag counts as 1/2 lean)

Quest Protein Chips – Loaded Taco (each bag counts as 1/2 lean)

Quest Protein Chips – Nacho Cheese (each bag counts as 1/2 lean)

Quest Protein Chips – BBQ (each bag counts as 1/2 lean)

Quest Protein Chips – Sweet Spicy Chili (each bag counts as 1/2 lean)

Quest Protein Chips – Chili Lime (each bag counts as 1/2 lean)

Palmini LInguine Noodles (made from hearts of palm – can count as a green)

Trader Joe’s Everything But the Bagel Seasoning (great on everything, especially veggies!)

Skinny Syrups Variety Pack (add to coffee, etc.) 

Norigami Egg Wraps Pea Protein (count as one condiment)

Breath rinse (in case of diet breath)

Walden Farms Syrup – Chocolate, Caramel, Strawberry & Blueberry

Nutpods Coffee Creamer Variety Pack (made from Almonds & Coconuts)

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