11 Things to Know about Botox™

Botox™ is a popular and wide-spread non-surgical cosmetic treatment. It’s like that friend you keep hearing about from a friend but never get to meet. It’s available to all but only used by a few!

However, to our amazement – the few are equal to millions of people in the US. People who acquire a Botox™ treatment every single year to eliminate wrinkles and increase their self-confidence.

Despite it being a very affordable and effective treatment, there are 11 things you need to know about Botox™ before you have your own session.

Keep reading to discover these things in this brief Botox™ review.

1. Research First

Thinking about receiving your own Botox™ treatment? Ready to blast into your medical aesthetics office, screaming for a dosage? Well, think again.

In order to find a highly qualified and certified injector – you need RESEARCH.

Begin by looking at botoxcosmetic.com and click “find a specialist.”  This will give you VERIFIED and CERTIFIED providers who purchase REAL Botox™, directly from the manufacturer, Allergan.

When you feel like you got some credible info, ask for a consultation and check out some “before and after” pictures on-site.

In most cases, the risks outweigh the benefits if you are looking to cut costs on discount Botox. Therefore, you must find a board-certified practitioner with experience and a successful track record, and pleasant reviews.

Getting “Botox” cheap or at a pop-up event is generally a dangerous practice and requires investigation.

2. Choose Wisely

When looking for a Botox™ treatment provider, you might be interested in contacting an experienced injector.

While a Botox injection is not particularly difficult to execute, the treatment must still be done by an experienced medical practitioner with certification.

If an injection ends up being too shallow or deep or hits a wrong spot – there are plenty of negative side effects coming your way. Such as a droopy eyelid or black eyes.

3. Determine Fees

The price for a Botox™ treatment can be greatly variable, depending on the area injected and dosage used. 

In most cases, the cost will be anywhere from $13 to $20 per unit. However, the experience and location also play a part in the final cost.

4. How Does It Feel?

A Botox™ treatment is usually painless, quick and simple. The provider will execute multiple injections towards a treatment area, and then you are free to go.

But the experience is dependent on the provider. As mentioned above, make sure to go with a qualified practitioner who will take care of you, and not just quickly make a couple of bucks.

5. Physical Side-Effects

Most patients share that there was very minimal pain. There can certainly be some swelling, bruising and redness – but a proper treatment guarantees a quick resolve.

It’s quite similar to a flu shot, where there will be some tenderness, but it will quickly subside.

It should be gone by the time you leave the clinic.

6. What Can I Expect?

If done correctly, the treatment should help you achieve a more smooth and youthful look. The results usually take a couple of days to show, so don’t go crazy about not getting younger within a day.

The results are accumulative as the Botox™ spreads out and smooths under your skin. Expect to see exponential improvements for up to 2 weeks with a stable plateau.

7. Can I Get Rid Of Botox™?

Generally speaking, if you are unhappy with the results or feel the treatment was inadequate, you simply have to wait it out. That said, it is relatively common that some of your muscles can be stronger on one side, that on the other. If you are “uneven” or develop “funny” eyebrows or smile, simply come to your provider at your 2 week follow up. They will add a little more to even you out, and they will mark your file, so you only experience that once!

8. How Long Do Results Last?

The length of your treatment results is variable. Depending on the area, the number of units injected and genetic pre-dispositions – you can expect around 3 months.

9. Is Botox™ Preventative?

YES! Even if you don’t have wrinkles at the moment, that doesn’t disqualify you from using Botox™ for whatever reason you might find applicable.

Beginning treatment in advance can limit the development of future wrinkles, and reduce any treatments required in the future.

Beyond this, Botox™ is often used to treat migraines and other pressure-related inconveniences.

10. Wide-Spectrum Use

Botox™ is not just for wrinkles. It can be used to treat and prevent a variety of other issues, such as migraines, heavy sweating, muscle spasms.

However, when using Botox for more definitive issues, it will be more expensive and require a lot more professional care. So we cannot stress enough the importance of having a professional do the injections for you.

11. Does Botox™ Affect Muscles?

If you consider having a consistent Botox™ treatment plan, you can see significantly improved skin and muscle longevity in the long-term.

Botox™ treatments are known to relax surrounding muscles, making them less stress-oriented on causing wrinkles over time.

The duration of action for a Botox™ treatment increases over time with consistent treatments.

A Brief Botox™ Review: Are You Interested in Botox™?

Now that we have covered the things you need to know before you get your treatment. You are well on your way to achieving a more youthful look with this brief Botox™ review.

In summary, you have to perform interstitial research to prevent regrets and side-effects. Vet out a certified medical professional who will provide treatment on an affordable basis.

If you are looking for a botox™ treatment in Wheeling or have any questions – reach out to us at ThrIVe Wheeling.

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