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🏆 ThrIVe Wheeling welcomes Scott Martin, LMT, CMCP to the team!
Scott chose a second career path a few years ago and became a Licensed Massage Therapist in 2017. He graduated from Penn Commercial and had his own practice, Focal Point Massage, for 5+ years. He has prior experience in the spa industry, corporate chair massage, and sports massage. He was an independent contractor for Vita Massage who services the Pitt Panther football team as well as the men and women’s basketball teams. He is also a Certified Massage Cupping Practitioner.
“My primary focus is to provide healing and wellness through massage, stretching, and cupping,” said Scott. “I am trained in many massage modalities with deep tissue massage as one of my strengths. While I have loved owning my own business, I am truly excited to join the amazing team at ThrIVe Wheeling.”
Scott is an Ohio Valley native. When he is not working, Scott enjoys spending time with his family and friends as well as traveling.
Message us at 304-381-6844 to book a massage or stretching session with Scott, starting March 1st.

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Wellness + Recovery

Feel better! Stress release, improved sleep, relaxation, improved cardiovascular function and more to help you in all facets of life.

Pain relief, detoxification, increased metabolism, improved immune function, and more. 

  • Whole Body CRYOtherapy
  • Localized CRYOtherapy
  • Infrared Sauna
  • HALOtherapy
  • Red light therapy
  • AllCore360º
  • FLOAT therapy
  • Oxygen bar
  • NormaTEC Compression therapy

Medical + Health Services

  • Live a more vibrant life!

Improve your confidence, health & wellbeing with services & support from our established TEAM of MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS:

  • Vitamin + micronutrient testing
  • IV hydration
  • Fast Vitamin shots
  • Medically supervised weight loss + nutrition coaching (with or without pharmaceutical support)
  •  Urinary + sexual health support with EMsella and Anteage VRS
IV hydration at ThrIVe Wheeling - Yellow IV bag with Vitamins

Body, Skin, + Facial

In addition to feeling good, you can LOOK YOUR BEST with improved skin, a more muscular tightened & toned body, less fat and more!

  • Build muscle, burn fat, reduce appearance of cellulite & tighten skin with EMsculpt NEO, EMtone, & Venus Bliss MAX
  • Improve skin with Aerolase NEO Elite, Clear + Brilliant, TheSALTfacial, as well as ALASTIN, AnteAGE, &  SKINade for at home skincare.
  • Pain-free Laser Hair Removal/reduction


Beautiful Skin and Hair

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Botox for women

BOTOX Cosmetic Wrinkle reducer at ThrIVe Wheeling - Crow's Feet, Facial Lines, Frown Lines

BROtox for MEN

BOTOX for Men - BROTOX at ThrIVe Wheeling
Your favorite Alternative Wellness & Medical SuperSpa serving: Wheeling, WV; Moundsville, WV; Weirton, WV; Steubenville, OH; Pittsburgh, PA; Washington, PA; St. Clairsville, OH; and more!

ThrIVe Wheeling is an alternative recovery, wellness, & aesthetics superSPA at 1052 Main Street, in Downtown Wheeling, WV.

ThrIVe offers a wide variety of services and therapies that help you LOOK better, FEEL better, & PERFORM better!

We offer:

  • Whole Body & Local CRYOtherapy

  • Red Light therapy

  • Halotherapy

  • Infrared Sauna

  • Flotation Therapy

  • IV Hydration & Vitamin Shot Bar

  • NormaTec compression therapy

  • Oxygen Bar with Aromatherapy

  • AllCore360° core fitness & posture training equipment that you ride

Let ThrIVe Improve your game - Center for Sports Recovery, Performance, & Wellness - Recover like a PRO Football, Baseball, Basketball, Tennis, Soccer, CHAMPION Stadium

Let ThrIVe help you IMPROVE your GAME!

Recover from injury.
Get back to peak performance.

Proper recovery from injury is key to getting back on the field.  Access to the best therapies may seem unattainable, but ThrIVe can provide you with cryotherapy, red-light therapy, and other options to help you regain strength, vitality, and return to your high-performance level.

Did you know that studies show that for EVERY 4 HOURS of athletic performance, you should have ONE HOUR of ACTIVE RECOVERY work?

Let ThrIVe help you improve your game!