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About ThrIVe:

Latest Technology to Perform Better, Feel Great, & Boast Amazing Skin & Health!

ThrIVe Wheeling is an alternative recovery, wellness, & aesthetics SuperSPA in Downtown Wheeling, WV.

ThrIVe offers a wide variety of services and therapies that help you LOOK better, FEEL better, & PERFORM better!


Our services include: CRYOtherapy, Red light therapy, Halotherapy, Infrared SAUNA, IV hydration, Vitamin Shots, Oxygen & Aroma therapy, Compression therapy, EMsella, Body Sculpting (EMsculpt NEO, EMtone, Vanquish ME, Venus Bliss MAX), BOTOX, Facial & Skin Rejuvenation, Chemical Peels, Laser Hair Removal, Weight loss, and MORE!

About Our ThrIVe LOCATION:
1052 Main Street
Wheeling, WV 26003

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Proudly Serving:

  • Wheeling, WV & ALL of Ohio County, WV
  • St. Clairsville, OH & ALL of Belmont County, OH
  • Washington, PA & ALL of Washington County, PA
  • Pittsburgh, PA & ALL of Allegheny County, PA
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About ThrIVe Wheeling-

About ThrIVe's Owners:

For years, our founders, Jessica Barclay & Vanessa Craig, have created unforgettable environments for dogs and cats with their popular dog hotel and social adventure center for dogs – Play N Stay Pet Camp!

Play N Stay was established in 2005, bringing interactive & fun dog daycare and luxury pet boarding to the Ohio Valley! With 3 locations (St. Clairsville, Elm Grove & South Wheeling), 40+ employees, an impeccable safety rating, Play N Stay has a huge, enthusiastic, & loyal family of clients and pets! The gold standard of pet care, Play N Stay brings comfort & peace of mind to residents of the Ohio Valley!


NOW – the girls have done it again! This time, raising the WELLNESS bar for HUMANS and showing the Ohio Valley how good “feeling good” can feel, creating environments & services, so that people can THRIVE!

As users of Cryotherapy, Infrared Sauna, Normatec compression pants, Flotation Therapy, IV, Halotherapy, and more, Jessica & Vanessa have always recognized the power & value of OPTIMIZED HEALTH and FEELING GREAT! People are busy, and we all need wellness options close to home!

Our team would LOVE to meet you!  Come in for a tour!

We’ve assembled an all-star team of wellness experts, with specialties like Athletic Recovery, Facial Aesthetics, Laser Specialists, Body Contouring experts, and an exceptional Medical Team!

The  alternative wellness modalities at ThrIVe will have you performing at your very best, whether you need better focus, relief from stress & anxiety, help with pain relief, weight management, sleep, peak athletic performance, or just want to feel your very best, get to ThrIVe early & often for better days ahead and optimized health & wellness. Our team can help you choose a path to wellness that is RIGHT for YOU!

We look forward to seeing you THRIVE!

– Jessica & Vanessa and the ThrIVe Team!

About your ThrIVe Team:

We offer:

  • Whole Body & Local CRYOtherapy
  • Red Light therapy
  • Halotherapy AKA Salt therapy
  • Infrared Sauna
  • BioTE Hormone Therapy
  • Botox™ and Filler
  • IV Hydration & Vitamin Shot Bar
  • NormaTec compression therapy
  • Oxygen Bar with Aromatherapy
  • AllCore360° core fitness & posture training equipment that you ride
  • Non-surgical/non-invasive Body Sculpting, with BTL EMsculpt, Vanquish ME, & EMtone, for increased muscle, fat destruction, cellulite, loose skin, and toning
  • Non-surgical fully-clothed urinary incontinence/sexual dysfunction treatment with BTL EMsella & AnteAGE VRS
  • Non-surgical Facial rejuvenation with TheSALTfacial, Clear + Brilliant, Aerolase Neo Elite, NeoGen PSR, Skinade, and ALASTIN Medical-grade skin care
  • Pain-free Laser Hair Removal
  • Medically-supervised Pharmaceutical Weight Loss & Custom Healthy Weight program