ThrIVe Wheeling -

Your Alternative Wellness SuperSPA

ThrIVe Wheeling is an alternative wellness SUPER spa offering Flotation Therapy, Whole Body & Local CRYOtherapy, Halotherapy, Infrared Sauna, IV Hydration & IM Shot Bar, JOOVV, NormaTec, and AllCore360°!

Now OPEN in Downtown Wheeling, WV.


A little about us:
For years, we (Jessica Barclay & Vanessa Craig), have created unforgettable environments for dogs and cats at Play N Stay Pet Camp!
Play N Stay was established in 2005, and we brought dog daycare and luxury pet boarding to the Ohio Valley! Since then, we’ve grown to 2 locations (St. Clairsville & Wheeling), 30 employees, an impeccable safety rating, AND a huge, enthusiastic, and loyal family of clients and pets! We established the gold standard of pet care, bringing comfort and peace of mind to residents of the Ohio Valley!
NOW – we are doing it again! This time, we are raising the WELLNESS bar! We are showing the Ohio Valley how good feeling good can feel, and creating environments where HUMANS can THRIVE!
As users of Cryotherapy, Infrared Sauna, Normatec compression pants, Flotation Therapy, IV, and Halotherapy, we recognize the value of FEELING GREAT! We know that driving 1-3 hours to utilize these services makes them unattainable for most people with busy lives!
We’ve created Thrive Wheeling to bring Wellness close to home!
These alternative wellness modalities will have you performing at your very best, whether you need better focus, relief from stress and anxiety, help with pain relief, peak athletic performance, or just want to feel your best, we can help!
We look forward to seeing you THRIVE!


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