How much is ThrIVe Wheeling’s Botox?

SHORT ANSWER: $10-$14 per unit


There are “typical” recommended doses for each area. That’s the SCIENCE. 

The ART comes with experience and placement of product, based on each client’s individual anatomy.

Much like “not every haircut is the same” and “not every stylist is the same,” as well as “what looks good on you, may not look good on me,” each client’s treatment will vary slightly.

Sometimes, if you are a new client with us, we will reduce the amount needed for your first visit with us, so you don’t end up over treated, and we can “find YOUR best dose.”
Our nurse practitioner will evaluate you and – since it’s your first time – treat you at about 80% recommended dose. Then you’ll come back in 2 weeks for a touch up.

It’s important to note:

💉 We use real Botox™ from Allergan, so it’s better and stronger than most of what’s out there in the Ohio Valley (lots of shady stuff, black market, cheaper counterfeit, or even over diluted product). ⚠️


We charge $10-$14 per unit of Botox™, depending on your membership level:

  • $10 per unit for a $249+/month member
  • $12 per unit for a $29/month member (first month $49)
  • $14 per unit for a non-member

For treating upper forehead (washboard when raise eyebrows), full dose is 20 units (approx $280), crows feet (corners of eyes when smiling) 24 units (approx $336), frown/elevens (vertical lines between brows when scowling) 20 units (approx $280), bunny nose (lines when smell something funny) and golf ball chin (dimples when frowning or pursed lips) vary, but require less product.

A “lip flip” is recommended when the upper lip disappears when smiling (happens naturally with age) and is ONLY $50 when done with any other BOTOX injections.


Men need 2x more BOTOX than women, as they have much stronger muscles. It takes several days to kick in.

Other areas of treatment:

We also treat bunny nose, gummy smile, downturned mouth, downturned nose, neck bands, & nasal flaring.

Additional Savings:

Don’t forget to download the Allē rewards app and get registered for ADDITIONAL SAVINGS, prior to coming in!

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