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Athletic Membership at ThrIVe Wheeling - Sports Recovery, Performance, and Wellness
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ThrIVe Wheeling Center for Sports Recovery, Performance, & Wellness offers:

❄️Cryotherapy❄️ Trusted by the sports pros ❄️Muscle recovery ❄️Relieve aches & pains ❄️Better sleep ❄️More energy Recover like the pros at ThrIVe!

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Red Light Therapy can help
❤️Boost energy levels
❤️Improve mood
❤️Reduce inflammation
❤️Improve sleep
“Light therapy allows us to treat the entire body with the extremely valuable resource of healthy light,”
-49ers Director of Functional Performance, Elliot Williams.
Only takes 10 minutes‼️

Attention ALL Sports Athletes‼️ 👉🏽 Are you serious about taking your performance to the next level?! 💯It all starts with how well your body is able to recover!

A meta-analysis across 40 studies, published by the International Journal of Sports Medicine, covers the effects of sleep deprivation on sports and athletic performance.
As it turns out, sleep is critical for high-level athletes.
💤Reduced sleep affects reaction time, accuracy, vigor, submaximal strength, endurance, and hence athletic performance in general. Cognitive functions, such as judgment and decision-making, suffer equally.
Sleep extension may be beneficial for “reaction time, mood, sprint times, tennis serve accuracy, swim turns, kick stroke efficiency, and increased free throw and 3-point accuracy”.

The ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE TECHNOLOGY at ThrIVe is also located in sports PRO locker rooms across America!

What no one tells you ... ThrIVe can help you IMPROVE your GAME NOW!

ON-SEASON, OFF-SEASON, or recovering from a sports injury...
Get back to peak performance with ThrIVe Wheeling.

Proper recovery from a sports injury is key to getting back on the field.  Winning athletes know that access to the best therapies may seem unattainable, but ThrIVe can provide you with cryotherapy, red-light therapy, and other options RIGHT HERE IN WHEELING, to help you regain strength, vitality, and return to your high-performance level.

Did you know that studies show that for EVERY 4 HOURS of athletic performance, you should have ONE HOUR of ACTIVE RECOVERY work?

Let ThrIVe help you improve your game!

“Recovery” is the NAME of the GAME!
Our wellness + recovery services are the same as used by the Sports PROS!
Recover like a PRO at Thrive Wheeling!
Athletic membership = $199/month = 4 services per week!
Additional services are only $20.
Save $50 on IV drips and $50 on FLOAT!
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ThrIVe Center for Sports Performance, Recovery, and Wellness.

Recover like a PRO!

Infrared sauna🔥
Our completely private infrared saunas are 158°
Just a 30 minute session
🔥Relieve pain
🔥Improve sleep
🔥Purify skin
🔥Weight loss
Infrared light is able to penetrate your tissue to warm up your body before warming up the air around you.
80% of the heat is directed to heating up your body

Here is a brief list of some of the benefits of using an infrared sauna ⬇️
✅ Heart health- Clinical research that shows a reduction in systolic and diastolic blood pressure, improved circulation, enhanced  vascular function and lower risk of disease.⁣
✅ Skin health- Infrared sauna therapy provides deep detoxification benefits including anti-aging effects and general skin rejuvenation.⁣
✅ Natural pain relief- Infrared sauna heat works by penetrating joints, muscles, and tissues, increasing circulation and speeding oxygen flow. Doctors recommend infrared sauna therapy to relieve chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, migraine headaches, fibromyalgia, musculoskeletal and joint pain, and other chronic pain conditions.⁣
✅ Weight loss- Studies have shown that an infrared sauna therapy session can burn upwards of ❗️600 ❗️calories, while you relax.⁣
As the body cools itself down, there is a large increase in heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate, causing the body to burn more calories.⁣

👉🏽ThrIVe offers elite services that can help you recover properly & optimize your performance! 📍Come check us out at 1052 Main Street, Wheeling WV 26003

👨‍⚕️Sports medicine physicians warn athletes not to underestimate the harmful effects of reduced or disturbed sleep. Optimizing sleep is a simple and efficient way to improve both players’ well-being and sports scores.
Athletes may seek sleep medicines with potentially dangerous side effects to address sleep disorders. However, there are much more safe and highly effective options.
As a matter of fact, ❄️whole-body cryotherapy substantially improves sleep, making it deep and restful. Moreover, super cold treatments are extra-useful for athletes as they reduce micro traumatic inflammation, alleviate muscle fatigue, and promote general well-being after workouts.
Athletic Membership at ThrIVe Wheeling - Sports Recovery, Performance, and Wellness