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(Left to Right) Carmen Davis, FNP; Christine Jenewein, RN + Cosmetology; Kylie Mckennen, RN; Amber Voytecek, NP-C + Nursing Director

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We have HEALTHY WEIGHT programs for anyone! If you want to LOSE weight (5# to 300# or more) OR even need to GAIN weight, we’d love you to consider our HEALTHY WEIGHT programs!

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Healthy Weight FAQs:

Can a Healthy Weight Loss coach help me lose weight?

Yes, a health coach can help you lose weight. Health coaches are not focused on a quick fix, or fad diets. They will work alongside you to find what will work for you long term to lose weight, and in turn, improve your overall health

What does a Healthy Weight Loss coach do?

A weight-loss coach is a professional who specializes in helping people meet their weight-loss goals. They help people improve their diet (and find new healthy foods you like and enjoy!) and develop exercise plans customized around their lifestyle needs to ensure people stay on track and meet their weight-loss goals.

Who provides the coaching at ThrIVe?

ALL of our Medically-supervised Healthy Weight Loss coaches are professionally trained nurses, either RN BSN or APRN (Nurse Practitioners).

Does ThrIVe help me find a weight loss med that will help kill my appetite or speed up my metabolism?

YES. Our medical coaches are well-trained in available prescription weight loss meds. We can help you find the best prescription for you!

I don’t want meds. Do I have to take meds to have Healthy Weight Loss?

No. Many of our clients simply utilize the coaching and accountability aspect of our program. Others choose a fat-burning shot at ThrIVe (The “Hot Shot for energy + weight loss”) or our Lipo-Trim Sublingual Spray for daily support.

I just need someone to hold me accountable….a friend to check in with. Does ThrIVe do that?

Yes!  Regular check-ins are the cornerstone of our success!

Is the ThrIVe program customizable?

Absolutely. Our program is tailored to your specific needs and goals. 



What’s this about FREE body sculpting?

We love our weight loss victories, just as much as you do!  To incentivize your loss, we will give you a FREE EMsculpt NEO session (worth $1000) for every 25# you lose!